The krispii Team

krispii is a small, dedicated, growing team with diverse backgrounds and interests. Our common goal is to create exceptional, engaging, and beautiful classroom content while providing a learning platform that will find uses beyond our own imaginations.

Donna Sinclair

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Donna, co-founder and CEO of krispii, began her career as a classroom teacher. She later moved to the Quebec Ministry of Education where she took on the role of coordinating assessment models for primary and secondary schools. It is here that she developed a greater understanding of curriculum development and the important considerations for the integration of technology into the classroom environment.

Sarah McGillivray

Producer & Product Specialist

Sarah has been co-producing some of our biggest content productions. In addition to her work organizing, communicating and coordinating, she has also been actress, voice, and demo specialist. Sarah's into adventure, speaks at least three languages we know of, and is always up for a challenge.

Justine De Rico

Head of Marketing & Business Development

Justine earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Laval University. She majored in marketing and, on the way towards graduating with an International Profil attached to her degree, she did an internship in Lisbon, Portugal and spent a semester studying in Kufstein, Austria. A self-confessed travel nut and an enthusiastic self-starter, Justine is a welcome addition to the krispii team.

Jean de Dieu Uwimana

Full stack Developer

John joined the krispii team as an intern while completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in computer science at Laval University. After graduating in the spring of 2021, he was welcome as a valuable full-time member of the krispii team. John has many times demonstrated his problem-solving ability and his capacity to work well within a team. In addition to his computer skills, John speaks at least three languages.

Annalisa Turner

Content Creator & Human Resources

Annalisa is a content developer - and pretty much anything else we need her to be. With her background as a lawyer, she has superlative research skills and an amazing capacity for networking. Always ready with a joke or a kind word at precisely the right moment, she is also great at planning team-building activities.

Andrew McGillivray

Editor in Chief & Written Word Lead

Andrew is a former high school educator, philosopher, and writer extraordinaire. His role with us goes well beyond writing; he drives our writers to be stellar, helping us hone our messages.