The krispii Team

krispii is a small, dedicated, growing team with diverse backgrounds and interests. Our common goal to create exceptional, engaging, and beautiful classroom content while providing a learning platform that will find uses beyond our own imaginations.

Donna Sinclair

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Donna's love of learning and pedagogy, not to mention years of experience in the classroom and governmental levels of education run through the heart of what makes krispii, well, krispii. Donna is also really into amazing design of all kinds, an amazing chef and fantastic skier.

Petros Kolyvas

Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer

Petros has been working alongside Donna, producing media-centric, educational content for over 12 years with one focus: student & teacher engagement through media that reflects the world around them. He kind of likes cycling and also occasionally tickles the ivories.

Vanessa Blagrave

Operations Manager & User Experience Lead

Vanessa has been with krispii from the start. Her role with krispii includes a bit of everything from managing operations, to user experience testing and much more. Her passion for smiles is essential to the team. She also makes incredibleedibles and is into soccer and beach volleyball.

Andrew McGillivray

Editor in Chief & Written Word Lead

Andrew is our triple threat. Former high school educator, philosopher, and writer extraordinaire; his role with us goes beyond writing, driving our writers to be stellar and helping us hone our messages. Black belt in karate, skier, cinephile.

Sarah McGillivray

Producer & Product Specialist

Sarah has been co-producing some of our biggest content productions. In addition to her work organizing, communicating and coordinating, she has also been actress, voice, and demo specialist. Sarah's into adventure, speaks at least three languages we know of, and is always up for a challenge.

Andrei Ostapenco

Lead Developer

Andrei provides a unique ability for our development team: asking the questions everyone wants to avoid. He is also, at this point, family. Creative and always up for a challenge, he also brings a nearly unfathomable attention to detail, all the while being a dedicated husband and father of two.