Cross-Curricular Content Design

At krispii, we believe that everything is connected. Learning in one subject domain should be connected to learning in another subject domain.

krispii content is designed to foster better learning by encouraging the development of those connections.

Impact & Outcomes

When we design a krispii project we consider its purpose, the potential learning outcomes and the opportunity to impact the overall learning experience of a student.

Our goal is to ensure that students develop their skills as critical listeners, viewers, readers and thinkers. We also believe that any time spent in a krispii project should benefit students in many different subject domains.

For example, reading about science in a language class should mean that students are developing the skill of reading information-based texts with a critical eye. In other words, they are learning to extract the important information from a text, and differentiating that from information that is less significant.

Connected Content

The main focus in the krispii project, ‘Endangered Species’, is on the development of reading and listening skills.

Resources are provided for students to develop those skills in the form of information-based texts and a podcast. Students practice filtering information as they read or listen, in order to determine the facts that are necessary to understand a particular situation.

In this case, they need to make sense of the reasons why the beluga whale is classified as an endangered species.

On top of that, students are led to explore the power of different forms of media to convey a message, and, ultimately, they will apply that understanding to their own campaign, in which they are asked to highlight the plight of another species.