A Focused Approach

The krispii platform has been designed to facilitate teaching and learning above all. Our philsophy is everything in one-place.

As an educator, you're provided with everything you need to get to work - in fact you can setup and get going with krispii in under a minute. More importantly, that work is what you love, teaching. At krispii, good pedagogy and great content lie at the heart of everything we do.

Designed For All

Your students benefit from the same philosophy. Our student platform mirrors the teacher interface. Students have access to everything they need to have to get busy on a project.

The krispii platform design allows each student to work in a way that meets his or her own particular learning style.

Automated Where It Counts

The krispii platform organizes your students and their work for you. The same thing applies to our seamless integration with Google Drive and the entire suite of Google applications - everything from text to presentations, drawing and more.

Student work is automatically shared with you. Students can create and edit their masterpieces right in the krispii platform - all while working through our media-rich content.

Dive In...                        

...and let krispii guide you along the way.

A few of the advanced features you will find in krispii include our project builder - which allows you to customize and tailor any project to meet your needs, OR to create whole new projects from your favourite resources.

We also provide inline instructions and help. The krispii platform includes instant access to lesson plans and hints, along with a real-time display of what your students are working on at any given moment. It’s a great way for you to stay connected with your students, whether they are occupied in the krispii work area or using embedded Google apps.