Our Mission

Ultimately, our goal is to create critical and creative thinkers who are able to make connections - with each other, with their educators, and between ideas. We are compelled to empower learners of all ages to make a difference - whatever that is or wherever it may be.

We don't just make "a platform" and load it with “content”. What we provide is a flexible, simple, creative infrastructure for teaching and learning.

krispii makes learning possible at any level. We are all students. We are all teachers. At the core of what we do is the old Latin principle, Docendo discimus: “the best way to learn something is to teach it.”

We firmly believe that ideas are best understood when we can establish that no subject domain is an island, and that fostering those connections between domains is paramount to creating critical and creative thinkers.

At krispii, everything we do - from the toolset to our core library - ultimately empowers teachers and students to focus on exploring and expressing those connections.

The krispii story: a timeline

The beginning of Krispii

November 2015

In February 2015 our co-founder, Donna Sinclair, officially resigned from her position at the Ministry of Education. Krispii became incorporated and, with bootstrap financing from family and friends, our team got down to work. Thus began the real adventure.

The Tadoussac Project

Winter 2016

Krispii released the first of what would be a series of high-end projects to be placed in the krispii resource library for teachers and students to use. The Tadoussac Project examines marine life in the Saguenay St-Lawrence Marine Park, which is one of only four federal marine parks currently operating in Canada. It is named for the village of Tadoussac, where the Parks Canada offices are located. Parks Canada graciously provided their support for the project and gave us access to their facilities during production.

Krispii goes live!

February 2017

We opened for business. Educators could now sign up and manage their accounts online.

Women’s Entrepreneurship Strategy Fund

March 2019

Krispii was awarded the WES Fund by the Federal Government of Canada to produce a new software package that would promote online collaboration in assessment. This was the beginning of EVA.


December 2020

Krispii won the International Prize by TELUQ for Innovative Pedagogy. Krispii was awarded this prize for the sex ed program we created in collaboration with OnSEXplique ça. The TELUQ award highlights the efficacy of our system to transform content into a digital reality.

Welcoming EVA into the krispii ecosystem

October 2021

Krispii launched EVA, a collaborative scoring platform for both small- and large-scale assessment.