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Krispii Content

krispii content provides your school board/school with already-developed subject content in the form of projects. krispii also provides Summative Assessment Situations (SAS). Both projects and SASs are designed to meet curriculum standards across North America.

krispii also gives you the freedom of knowing that:

  • Assessment materials are available each year for subject domains such as English, Science, History, Geography, Social Studies, etc.
  • Your school board/school can arrange for specific release dates according to their requirements.
  • Customized assessment materials can be requested at the start of each school year.
  • Consultants or specialists can create their own assessment or content materials using the krispii project builder.
  • We recognize that transitioning from paper is more difficult in the beginning and therefore krispii can provide a PDF print option for SAS materials.
  • krispii projects and SAS materials are easily modified to meet the needs of students with individualized education plans. Each year new projects will be updated to the krispii library and SAS materials will be recycled into the krispii library for the following year.
  • krispii materials are created by teachers and specialists who have worked on the development of content and assessment materials for at least 10 years.

the krispii platform is a cloud-based service inluded with all our plans. It provides your teachers and students with a dynamic, real-time, connected hub to work through projects & SAS’s. With options to suit organizations and communities of all sizes, the krispii platform can meet the needs of groups big and small.

krispii also gives your teachers and students the following:

  • Projects can be quickly added to classrooms.
  • Teachers always know where their students are in a project and what they are doing in their classroom.
  • Teachers can watch their students work live, in real-time.
  • Teachers have an at-a-glance view of their classrooms, allowing for dynamic, streamlined, and simplified management.
  • Teachers have direct access to built-in resources and lesson plans. There are also hints to improve engagement.
  • Tools such as online dictionaries, live classroom chat and more offer a classroom experience that mirrors the world outside the classroom.
  • The krispii platform fosters classroom relationships by emphasizing the pedagogy not the technology.
  • Options for self-hosting and creating custom projects for your community or organization
  • Coming soon: you will have option of adding helpers, co-educators, etc. to classrooms for students with individualized education plans.

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Looking for more information on krispii? Interested in arranging an in-person demo or webinar? If the contact form below doesn't suit you, you can call 1-844-krispii (1-844-574-7744).

Looking for more information on krispii? Interested in arranging an in-person or online demo? For all inquiries, please contact us by email or call 1-844-Krispii.

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