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Ready to use

krispii is ready to use in under 2 minutes. Sign up, pick a project, connect your students and go. It really is as simple as that. If you hit a snag we're just a click of the help button away.

With integrated lesson plans/teacher hints, media and seamless Google Drive and Apps integration you can dive into the heart of a krispii project in a 1:1 classroom, or use our Theater Mode to share rich-media classroom resources with your students. krispii is ready to meet you where you are, and grow with you.

Everything in one place

krispii's goal is to streamline all that other stuff that gets in the way of teaching. We do that using the classroom dashboard. From there you can show students resources, see what they're up to, and have instant access to lesson plans and teaching hints in one place.

Cross-Curricular Content Design

At krispii we believe everything is connected; that even the fundamentals should be connected to the larger picture.

We believe we can help foster better learning by encouraging the development of those connections. Our content is designed as cross-curricular from the very start.

Build Your Own Projects

Using the project builder you can create projects, lesson plans and more for your students in just moments. Drag and drop images, audio and video, link to popular streaming media like YouTube and Vimeo, even SoundCloud! Upload PDFs and more. Our project builder also enables you to customize projects from the krispii library, facilitating quick, easy modifications to suit your students' levels and growing curiosity!

Focus On Teaching

The krispii platform is designed to help you to focus on teaching and stop worrying about management. krispii will auto-organize task responses — including sharing and linking of any Google Apps or Drive Content — which will allow you to see what your students are up to, both at a glance and in detail. With our media-rich resources constantly at hand, we've also organized each toolkit to make it easy for you and your students.

Grow Together

krispii has been designed to meet your immediate needs, regardless of whether your students arrive carrying a device of some sort. Use your projector, an electronic whiteboard, whatever you have, we even have a Theater Mode for whole class where 1:1 isnt an option.

Content and learning come first, the rest of the krispii platform will be there when you need it.

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